Meath stroke patients urged to attend Heart Foundation support talks

The estimated 3,870 stroke survivors in Meath are being urged to join a series of live and recorded talks offering supports ahead of World Stroke Day. The Irish Heart Foundation is co-ordinating a series of expert-led online talks to provide vital support to patients who need help coping with the after effects of stroke. ThisContinue reading “Meath stroke patients urged to attend Heart Foundation support talks”

‘Hero’ first responder neighbours saved my life 

A Meath father-of-two has paid tribute to the “hero” husband-and-wife who brought him back from a sudden cardiac arrest. Jonathan Doherty, 43, passed out at home in front of his wife Claire after returning from a 5k jog in June and would not have survived without first-responder neighbours, Deirdre and Jonathan Roughneen. Now the quantityContinue reading “‘Hero’ first responder neighbours saved my life “

Three Thousand Years of Longing: The flawed yet intimate genie

By Robert Richmond A parable on excess, storytelling and romance along with our never ending search for meaning. I adore how this film is so non-realist, Alithea (Tilda Swinton) talks about how she tried writing realism in the past but all it did was disconnect her from her stories. From that moment, the film isContinue reading “Three Thousand Years of Longing: The flawed yet intimate genie”

St. Mary’s Special school expansion now under construction

By Eoin Ryan A new school building for St. Mary’s Special school in Navan has begun construction in Johnstown educational campus. The new St Mary’s Special School development involves the construction of a split-level two-storey school with facilities catered towards education. These invlude a computer and home economics room, library, a daily living skills room,Continue reading “St. Mary’s Special school expansion now under construction”

Motion to build new playground in Stamullen park passed by Meath County Council

By Eoin Ryan A motion to provide a playground at Silverbanks estate park in Stamullen has been passed by Meath County Council. “I am delighted that my motion calling on Meath Co Council to work with the developer of the Silverbanks estate to progress the opening of the linear park with the objection of providingContinue reading “Motion to build new playground in Stamullen park passed by Meath County Council”

Prey: The modern Predator

By Robert Richmond After almost forty years, we’ve finally got a great Predator movie again! I avoided all trailers and marketing and am glad to report that Prey absolutely rules for so many reasons. Amber Midhunter’s Naru is a great protagonist and all of her successes feel completely earned, she’s easy to root for. TheContinue reading “Prey: The modern Predator”

Piranesi: A true exploration of isolation

By Eoin Ryan Piranesi, though a short read many can go through in a single sitting, is a dense and fast paced exploration of a mysterious world with the origins of both the halls and our main characters unknown. For anyone checking the book themselves, do not check the blurb and only read the firstContinue reading “Piranesi: A true exploration of isolation”

Pedal Pushers cycle 365km for Prosper Meath 

By Eoin Ryan 30 cyclists a part of the Dunboyne Pedal Pushers cycling group trekked 365kms over 2 days to raise funds for a Prosper Meath fully accessible day service in Trim.  A large crowd gathered in the sunshine at Trim Castle to welcome back the cyclists after their challenge spanning across the 4 IrishContinue reading “Pedal Pushers cycle 365km for Prosper Meath “

New Cycle Path in Navan proposed by County Council

Eoin Ryan A new cycle path in Navan from Martha’s Bridge to Circular road is being proposed by Meath County Council alongside other construction works along the route. Other additions planned along the route include, new footpaths, controlled crossing points, segregated cycling facilities, and upgrades of existing signalised junctions. Changes will be made for driversContinue reading “New Cycle Path in Navan proposed by County Council”

‘But you Look Fine!?’, a book of guidance for those suffering from MSIDS

Eoin Ryan  Struggling through an illness that has no guaranteed cure can be daunting for many, especially for those coping with Multiple Systemic Infectious Disease Syndrome (MSIDS). MSIDS can create an illness that may be unique to an individual as symptoms are wide ranging, making diagnosis difficult and successful treatment even more difficult to find. Continue reading “‘But you Look Fine!?’, a book of guidance for those suffering from MSIDS”