Drivers Health Transition Initiative 

Kieran Fleming

Drivers Health Transition Initiative is targeted at the”Drivers ” of Health and Well-being and also targeting Safety on our roads for the greater good of all and especially road users . 

When we read about truck drivers, we also read about Incidents, Accidents, Injuries, Casualties and unfortunately Fatalities. 

We also read of drivers deaths at a young age etc. Governing bodies concentrate on speeding , fines , driver and vehicle compliance. I want to concentrate on Driver Health. 

Cardiovascular disease,Musculoskeletal disorders ,Cancers, Obesity and many others are predominantly due to the sedentary lifestyle behaviours on the roads leading to lower than Average life expectancy. 

Tight schedules, snacking and short breaks don’t help. 

I call it the Sunday dinner effect. Not wanting to be too blunt , I get away with it on a Sunday but not for 250 Sundays in a year. Something has to give. 

Before Covid 19 , I came out the right side of Septic Arthritis and took up Truck Driving to rest the body after a lifetime of Farming and Construction. Little did I know that within three years I would put on 25 kg in weight and run the risk of the aforementioned diseases myself. My saving grace to this day is the combined use of upper limb cycle and lower limb cycle equipment . It addresses the movement of all my joints without weight bearing in sessions of 5 mins.

As little as 3 x 5 mins x 5 days is over 1 hour of exercise that every road user should, could and would get with my program. 1 hr per week is now 52 hrs more in a year , more money in your pocket and a retirement to live for.

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