Dalgan Park: a long, leisurely walk

By Eoin Ryan

Those regularly going from Navan towards Dublin and the towns in between through Garlow Cross, Dalgan park’s entrance is a regular site.

Just as you enter the premises its manor house stands tall and wide to your right while several paths to your left branch off 

Not every path leads to the same places and it would take several strolls around the area to find every feature hidden across its boundaries. Even after over one and a half hours walking across forest and field, I could still see paths towards areas still yet to be seen. Looking at the map giving directions does not put into perspective its vast size, making it easy for regulars to make each visit a unique experience. Several trips down and hours of walking would be needed for those curious enough to explore every path that Dalgan park provides.

Most paths follow a gravel trail, but those made in dirt or even grass lead to more isolated and sometimes scenic areas. One example was a thin dirt line leading off from gravel paths going towards the River Boyne, following its stream until it opens into a small opening within the trees.

Finding a picturesque view is almost guaranteed across almost every inch, from its dense forests covering the sun’s rays to open fields seen for miles on end.

Each path has its own scenery meaning one path could be completely unique to another that might only be a single left turn away.

With such a large area comes the reassurance that you will meet very few people along your travels. On a weekday late afternoon, there was only one person every 10 to 15 minutes seen along the trail I was walking down.

There are still several sections unexplored to me, from its graveyard to the farmland still being used and maintained.

For anyone curious about visiting, the NX and 109 buses both have stops just outside its entrance at a consistent basis

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