High Noise levels despite revised flight paths in Dublin and East Meath

By Eoin Ryan

Dublin and East Meath residents are coping with high noise levels and windows rattling from planes flying overhead despite revised flight paths being put in effect.

A spokesperson for the Wotton Resident Association based in County Meath said the current situation creates “an unwelcome and substantial increase in noise levels in this immediate locality and in Ashbourne and Ratoath.”

“We are also concerned with the environmental impact of pollution from the engines of these aircraft.”

They said the airport operation is a “much-needed piece of national infrastructure” but the changes in flight paths have negatively impacted their daily lives. These problems also caused adverse health and psychological effects to residents according to ‘numerous’ reports noted by the residents association. Three local residents are currently on medication due to stress caused by these noises.

“There were experts there who spoke of how the noise is detrimental to people’s health and the message was that unless the people fight it, they will be trodden on,” Cllr. Joe Bonner said.

“We need to contact all those who are impacted in Meath and then we need to work with the bigger group. We cannot leave it all to the Fingal group.”

Solicitors for the residents group wrote to the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) regarding these flight paths warning of legal action.

Ballyboughal residents in County Dublin are taking this a step further by raising funds for legal action, challenging planning permission granted flight routes.

They claim the DAA changed certain routes in violation of planning permission originally granted for the second runway in Dublin Airport.

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