Calls for free parking at Dunboyne train station

By Emma Hickey

Councillors are calling for the reintroduction of free parking at Dunboyne Train Station, stating that paying for parking is “lunacy” which is leaving the car park empty.

The 300 space car park has been largely deserted since paying for parking was brought back in, with Cllr Damien O’Reilly noting that on the day following the July Meath County Council, only 11 of the 300 spaces were being used.

At the Council meeting, Cllr O’Reilly also highlighted other issues within Meath’s public transport. 

“National policy is forcing people to use public transport that no one can depend on or have any quality of life using, this failing transport system for the 221,000 population of Meath,” O’Reilly said.

While many people in Meath hope for the extension of the trainline to Dunshaughlin and then onto Navan, Cllr O’Reilly said the first section into the county’s trainline isn’t performing as it should. 

“What hope do we have of an extension as Irish Rail and the NTA continue to hinder the ability of the people of Meath to use this train service?” he continued.

He also brought up the lack of knowledge many people in Meath have on the new connection from Dunboyne to all LUAS services at Broombridge, citing Irish Rail and the NTA as the reason due to lack of marketing.

In light of the many public transportation issues across Meath, it was agreed at the July Meath County Council to request Minister Eamon Ryan, Minister for Climate Action, Communications and Transport to meet with a delegation from Meath to discuss the various issues raised.

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