Culmullen National school receives grant for new park

Eoin Ryan

Culmullen National school will receive $10,000 from the Intel Foundation for a Seed Grant program.

 Intel Ireland employee Joan Moran applied for the grant which Intel employees are invited to do each year to support projects in the local area. Her 4 children have attended or are currently attending the school along with 100 other students and she has been a volunteer for the school for several years.

The Seed Grant funds will be used to install a new playground for the school including an all-weather surface which can be used all year round.

The old playground was removed earlier this year to build a dedicated classroom for children with autism and the grant is being used to make sure there is a playspace at Culmullen school.

Intel Ireland employees have a longstanding history with the school where teams of volunteers from various business groups such as Yield, Manufacturing & Product Engineering, and Security have visited the school to take part in painting and clean-up projects.

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