Duleek has second lotto win in six months

By Sorcha Rose Mc Groarty

A second resident of Duleek has struck gold after buying a lucky winning lotto ticket in the town’s EuroSpar.

The national lottery quick pick ticket was sold last Saturday winning its owner €3,987,540, making it the second big win in Duleek since October. Another town resident bought a winning Jackpot ticket last October, earning over €8.9 million.

Despite the excitement of these past few months, locals are still no stranger to lottery winning madness. In 2019 a winning euromillions ticket was sold to a family from the Duleek and Bellewstown area winning them a grand prize of €175 million euro . This win still holds a record for largest amount of money won via the lottery in Ireland.

“It is an incredible story. In such a short space of time, two Lotto jackpots have been won in such a small, one-street village such as Duleek,” Said the store’s owner, Shane Bowe.

Mr Bowe has recently celebrated 12 months in business and with such a win under his belt he had much to say.

“I am thrilled for the local community and my customers who have been incredibly supportive to me in my first year as owner of the store.”

“When the previous Lotto jackpot was won down the street from us late last year, we may have been a little covetous of the celebrations and the big fuss that was made, but here we are six months later, and we’ll be the ones popping the champagne to toast one of our customers becoming a multi-millionaire!”
Last year on October 5th, a separate lotto win of over €8.9 million was won by a family living in Duleek. The ticket was sold in Londis located on the same street as this years lotto win sold in Euro Spar.

Speaking about the recent lotto wins, owner of the local Londis, Seamus Lowthe, said Duleek was “the luckiest village in Ireland.”

“It was my turn the last time, it was his turn this time so that must mean it’s my turn again the next time! We are going for four wins this year, we are only at two so we have another two to go.

The winner of March 18th’s draw wishes to remain anonymous, however has said in a statement that he checked his ticket repeatedly, unable to grasp the fact that he won.

“I nearly keeled over when I received my cheque and seen all the numbers. It’s the most surreal feeling ever.”

He said he has already begun spreading the joy, sharing his earnings with his “nearest and dearest.”

“I can’t wait to hop on a plane and take a nice long holiday in the sun over the next couple of months to really let the win really sink in”.

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