Ratoath College – Sustainability, Eco-Health and Well-being

A group of young environmentalists in Ratoath College had a goal to create awareness and encourage students and staff in our school, to ‘think globally but act locally’ in relation to sustainability, eco-health and well-being using a video. But they also want students to think green too and lead the scene in terms of pursuing a responsible and sustainable life. To think globally is to think to the planet. To act locally is to act for the planet. We must be really conscious that all human beings live on the same planet and that each of our acts has an impact for all. Earth is one. Life is one. So, that means that we must have a holistic view of the world, with its differences inside cultures and societies, in each territory, in each community. 

Sustainable Development Goal 3, regarding ‘Good Health and Well-being’ is one of the 17 sustainable development goals, established by the United Nations in 2015.  The official wording is ‘To ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all, at all ages’. Here in Ratoath College, we like to ‘Think Globally, but Act Locally’ and this slogan is an integral part of everything we do in our school.  

Over the next fifteen years, we as students will not only directly experience the outcome of SDGs and plans but will also be the key driver for their successful implementation. For this reason, it is vital that we build a platform for discussion and create the conditions for active engagement. 

We believe that by acting sustainably here in our school and keeping it litter free, this has a hugely positive affect on our overall health and wellbeing. So instead of waiting for grand breakthroughs to “fix the world,” we try to implement environmentally conscious and healthy solutions into everyday decisions and actions in our school. 

So, we are challenging other schools, to do what we did, and look for ways their school promotes sustainability, healthy lives and wellbeing for their students. We hope our video inspires! 

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