Miley Cyrus releases the Self-Empowerment song of 2023, ‘Flowers’ 

By Hannah McNamara

Miley Cyrus overwhelms listeners with her newly released single ‘Flowers’, the solid lead single giving us a taste of what her upcoming album ‘Endless Summer Vacation’ will bring.  

The self-empowering and inspiring single was released January 13th, just a month before Valentine’s Day which sparked excitement for fans. Immediately after Cyrus’ tune was released it was trending all over social media and was ranked No.1 on Billboard Global Charts for four weeks in a row.  

It is a radio friendly piece with a strong message which does not take away from its quality. The relation to Bruno Mars’  ‘When I Was Your Man’ is what truly got fans ‘hyped’. Miley Cyrus’ lyrics, “I can buy myself flowers”,  were responding to those of Bruno Mars’ track.  

Her lyrics are totally empowering and catchy. She sings it passionately with her raspy and edgy vocals. Funk disco sounding music is featured in this mid-tempo track which gives it an effortless groove melody.  

It wasn’t only Miley’s impressive vocals that had listeners in awe but also the hidden meanings behind Cyrus’ choice of words. ‘Flowers’ is rumoured to be a diss track to Miley’s ex-husband Liam Hemsworth. It was released on January 13th which is also Hemsworth’s birthday.  

The first verse ‘We were right ‘til we weren’t, Built a home and watched it burn’ is an obvious gesture to Miley’s Malibu home that burned down in the 2018 Woolsey fires.  

It is not a coincidence that Miley is giving the female response to Bruno Mars’ heartbreak melody ‘When I Was Your Man’. Back when Miley and Liam first got engaged in 2013, Hemsworth allegedly dedicated that tune to her.  

The message of this single is what truly impressed me, it is no doubt a massive empowerment anthem. Her song-writing talent shone through in this single with everyone eagerly waiting for her album to be released on March 10th.  

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