Motion to build new playground in Stamullen park passed by Meath County Council

By Eoin Ryan

A motion to provide a playground at Silverbanks estate park in Stamullen has been passed by Meath County Council.

“I am delighted that my motion calling on Meath Co Council to work with the developer of the Silverbanks estate to progress the opening of the linear park with the objection of providing a playground on the park has been passed with the full support of my colleagues at the Ashbourne Md meeting this morning,” Councillor Amanda Smith said.

Members of the public will have an opportunity to submit their opinions on the project during its planning stage. Cllr. Amanda Smith has asked Meath County Council to open the park prior to the planning process due to the length of time it would take to complete.

A quarter of a million was allocated by the County Council to construct a playground several years ago which will now be used for this project.

The 3.5 acre site which will be home to a new playground has been part of a planning application granted in 2009. The park was built before any houses were built in the area but has been locked up for the past few years.

The site was given to the County Council when construction of Glenview and Silverbanks estates was recently completed.

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