Nope: Sci-fi horror at its best

Matthew Sharkey

What can I say about Nope? Well, what can’t I say about Nope? This film is incredible and is the best sci-fi horror film I have ever seen. Jordan Peele has done it again and has made another great film. In this review, I won’t be revealing much about this film. You need to see this film with an open mind and no prior information.

In this film, two siblings (Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer) run a horse ranch in California, USA and discover a strange object above their ranch. They try to unravel what this thing is and why it’s above their ranch along with the help of a local tech shop worker (Brandon Perea). While this is happening, a local amusement park owner (Steven Yuen) is trying to profit off this strange phenomenon.

The actors give a fantastic performance, feeling their stress, fear, and anger through the screen. Keke Palmer gives an amazing performance; it really feels like she is a 20-something-year-old woman living in California and hustling in the film industry. The film is well-paced, and the horror is terrifying. The music choices are great and fit the film’s aesthetic so well.

The film’s main storyline is strong, but there is another minor storyline about an accident on an old tv show. This storyline seems out of place but also ends abruptly. It has slight significance in the film’s overall theme but could have been completely cut from the film.

This film has multiple plot twists, and each is better than the last. The film takes time to set up the story, every shot, line or piece of music seems to be there on purpose. The visual effects are amazing and make the horror ten times better than a traditional horror film.The film shows us humans’ fascination with strange & otherworldly phenomena and how sometimes we are better left in the dark.

Nope is a perfect example of how genre mixing can make a film feel unique. This film takes the best from the sci-fi genre and mixes it with the best parts of horror. Every horror & sci-fi fan must see Nope, but I would suggest people new to the horror genre watch something else to prepare for the gore and disturbing scenes throughout this film.

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