92 traveller accommodations delivered in Meath

Eoin Ryan

92 traveller accommodations have been delivered through the Traveller Accommodation Programme 2019-2024, exceeding its initial goal of 22 by this time in the project.

Marina Cunningham, manager of Navan travellers workshop, said the local traveller community are “Looking for more but happy enough some progress has been made.”

On the 30th November 2018, an Annual Count of Traveller families and their accommodation position on 30th November 2018 found that 76 households were sharing with families and 24 were living on unauthorised sites

All County Council meetings had a member of Navan Travellers Workshop in attendance all to inform those in the programme of issues regarding housing in their local community.

It was also noted that the halting site at st. Francis park in Navan is underutilised and the council is seeking funds for refurbishment of the site The redevelopment of st. Francis Park has been approved by the Department of Housing and work is expected to begin later this year.

The development of new group housing schemes in Navan and Trim remains a challenge, according to Meath County Council in a recent statement.

Of the 92 accommodations, 66 of those were casual vacancies, new build, acquisitions or approved housing.

13 accommodations were provided under the Meath Housing People with a Disability Strategy 2021-2026, exceeding its initial target of 9 by 2024.

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