Local Councillor walks out of Town Hall meeting

Eoin Ryan

Cllr. Alan Tobin walked out of a town hall meeting for the Meath East Constituency after comments were made by the organiser regarding an international treaty with the World Health Organisation.

Senator Sharon Keogan, Cllr. Damien O’Reilly, Cllr. Gerry O’Connor, Cllr. GIllian Toole, and Cllr.Alan Tobin, all representatives of the Meath East constituency, attended the town hall meeting late last April. 

Members of the Audience called the claims made by the organiser “conspiracy theories” and walked out soon after. Cllr. Allan Tobin was one of those left after hearing what the organiser of the event Had to say on the WHO treaty. When discussing the topic “My own view… is this would be one step closer to Ireland losing our own local government powers.”  She also said “These are the facts of what is happening” after the claims of conspiracy theory were brought up by the audience. 

“My impression of that whole meeting was that it was to deal with local issues. When I saw the agenda I was very surprised” Alan Tobin said.

The WHO pandemic treaty was proposed in order to form an international response to future pandemics and crises. The EU proposed the treaty and is its biggest backer, with support from Britain, Indonesia, Kenya and others, but with so many member countries involved, securing agreement will be difficult.

Fianna Fail councillor Damien O’Reilly said the sections on infrastructure and housing were useful additions for local residents. He did say, however, that “some people came to talk about Ratoath issues” with others believing this was a town hall meeting for the Meath East constituency. “They need to have a more refined message on what the meeting is about”.

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