HSE attempting to close Navan A&E

Eoin Ryan

Navan Hospital A&E is at risk of closure as the HSE board has called for its closure “without undue delay.”

The HSE argue this is in relation to safety issues noted in regards to the A&E

Members of the RCSI said that neither the Connolly nor Drogheda clinics would cope with the population of Meath as there are no other A&E units throughout the county. 

Dorgheda hospital is already coping with long delays to treatment and Connolly hospital have protested against the conditions and pressure their A&E unit copes with months prior.

Save Navan Hospital chair TD Peadar (Toibin) has been asked by Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly to meet with him and senior HSE staff as a response to this call.

Plans were made to close the unit that were suspended by Donnelly and a protest outside Navan hospital with over 10,000 attendants took place to remove this proposal entirely.

“The A&E is the most important piece of infrastructure in the county,” TD Peadar (Toibin) said. “It has been the difference between life and death for so many people in Meath.”

A spokesperson for the Irish East Hospital Group said any proposed changes to the Accident and Emergency Department in Our Lady’s Hospital, Navan will only be undertaken in a planned and orderly manner, involving engagement with all the relevant stakeholders.

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