5km of new water mains

By Emma Hickey

A major water mains project in Ashbourne has been completed following years of campaigning, Irish Water has announced.

The Ashbourne Watermains Bottleneck Project project has led to the construction of over 5km of new water mains along the R135 and adjoining roads. It is hoped that its completion will benefit not only the community, but also the economy in Ashbourne. 

“The delivery of this significant project will support existing and future residential and commercial development in Ashbourne,” Irish Waters local lead Padraig Hanly said. 

He extended his gratitude to the community for their patience and cooperation while the works were underway.

The new pipeline provides necessary infrastructure to support the building of houses and schools in the areas, as well as attracting new industry to improve the local economy. Existing homes which have been experiencing disrupted water supply will also be supported by the Bottleneck Project, as problematic watermains have been replaced. 

The water pumping station at Rath Reservoir has also seen upgrades along with the completion of this project. 

“The importance of providing a secure water supply for a thriving commuter town like Ashbourne cannot be underestimated,” Cllr. Sean Drew said.  A water network that is fit for purpose is essential in order to support future growth and development and the successful completion of this project will do just that,” he continued. 

CEO of County Meath Chamber of Commerce, Paula McCaul, welcomed the upgrades and said “A reliable, secure water supply is an integral factor for local business, particularly for our multinationals and hospital sectors,” McCaul said. “As Ashbourne continues to develop, local economic growth will be underpinned by the work undertaken and by the work that continues to be delivered,” McCaul continued.

Irish Water are currently working on a number of other projects across Meath, namely on the construction of new water reservoirs in both Endfield and Windmill Hill. 

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