1,000 pledges of accommodation for Ukraine refugees

Eoin Ryan

1,109 pledges of accommodation have been made for Ukrainian refugees by Meath residents, as the war continues. 224 of pledges are for available vacant premises, while 865 pledges received by the Red Cross are for shared premises around Meath.

24,000 pledges of accommodation have been received across the country.

Almost 6,000 pledges of accommodation for Ukrainian refugees have been processed by the Irish Red Cross. 1,900 pledges of vacant properties have currently been transferred to the Department of Children for young refugees searching for accommodation. The Department of Children’s International Protection Accommodation Service refers incoming refugees who seek assistance to the Red Cross.

Meath County Council is currently seeking accommodation as demand continues to increase.

100,000 refugees are expected to arrive in Ireland by the end of the war by current estimates but this number could increase if the conflict escalates further. Ireland is planning for the arrival of up to 200,000 Ukrainian refugees as there is no telling how long the conflict will continue.  Over 25,000 Ukrainian refugees have arrived into Ireland so far since the war in Ukraine began at the end of February.

Minister for Justice Helen McEntee had also said no housing cap for refugees would be put in place, despite the Government admitting it faces a struggle to house those arriving.

Households accommodating Ukrainian refugees are to be paid up to €400 a month under new provisions recently approved, but this may not become available for several months. The proposed payment aims to cover costs such as extra utilities bills and other costs associated with housing refugees It also acts as an incentive to boost the number of accommodation places available for the number of refugees arriving in Ireland as they continue to flee from the conflict.

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