Was Cheer season 2 really worth the wait?

By Leah Doherty

Cheer is back with a bang with their new season 2 out on Netflix right now. The Navarro

team are working harder than ever to become Daytona champions after a successful year in

season 1 when they beat Trinity Valley. It follows with the ups and downs of cheer during a

tougher year when their focus is being taken away from the fame from season 1. But will

this stop them from having a consecutive win at Daytona for the second year in a row?

The Navarro’s coach, Monica Aldama, who is also looked upon as a mother for some

cheerleaders, spends day and night focusing on her cheerleading squad and works on their

athleticism and performance.

The new season got mixed reviews from fans saying that it emphasises on how the young the team sacrifices their bodies for the cheer competition. The arrest of one of the fan-favourites who starred in season 1 has pleaded guilty for sexual assault set the fans disappointed in cheer as most fans looked up to Jerry Harris. 

Although the team’s fame can be a big distraction for the cheerleaders, their dedication, hard work and commitment pays off. This year the battle for the mat is still on and with the

return of previous stars including La’Darius Marshall, Lexi Brumback and Gabi Butler a

feeling of unease is left for the rest of the team as they must fight even harder to make it on


The docuseries and competitive reality is left with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 although there was

some uncertainty that it wouldn’t have the gained the same amazed reactions off of fans

from season 1. Cheer season 2 is definitely worth adding to your watch list if you are up for

some competitive reality and binge-watching episodes.

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