“Dying Light 2” Gaming Review

By Dayna Matassa

 If you enjoyed ‘Dying Light’ chances are you’ll love ‘Dying Light 2’. The developers over at ‘Techland’ added the subtitle “Stay Human”. this was a large hint from the developers show chasing that Techland want to rediscover the humanity that was once lost in ‘Dying Light’ developers has done so, by adding numerous NPC branch’s allowing much more interaction; anyone who has played Dying Light knows how it feels coming against brain dead zombies but I feel like I could have gotten a better conversation from a zombie than one of the NPC’s. Throughout the majority of Dying Light is its action packed with fast paced brawls, dangerous parkour maneuvers and countless side quests. If you’ve ever booted up Dying Light, you’d be familiar with the side quests that shy away from the main story line and yet somehow develop the storyline further. Should you decide to venture through the side quests you’d find yourself quickly becoming familiar with the open world play style and the story woes that follow it. Techland flexes their muscles once again, showcasing their first-person platform and improves on something that was already quite outstanding from the original ‘Dying Light’. Not only does ‘Dying light 2’ showcase better gameplay, the new main hero ‘Aiden Caldwell’ is like the Rambo for the city of Villedor as Aiden is equipped with all the zombie bashing staples such as knuckle dusters and maces along with his grappling hook and glider to get across the beautiful city of Villedor in style. If you come for the heroic, endless survival and exhilarating gameplay that is ‘Dying Light’ be sure you stay for the cut scenes as the intense dialog and sequences really add that element of story building that was lacking in ‘Dying Light’. So, if you’re looking for a zombie survival, mischievous activities and death-defying parkour stunts, ‘Dying Light 2’ will deliver and this game will have you feeling like a true hero.

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