Adele never fails to disappoint

Leah Doherty

Adele came back with a bang after releasing an epic new single called “Easy on me”. This new single was released on the 15th of October 2021 grabbing the whole world’s attention. Adele’s new pop single has quite an emotional side to it. The meaning behind her lyrics reflects on her divorce with her husband. It is also a way of telling her son about the divorce through heartfelt lyrics.

Adele’s heart-felt and record-breaking songs give reassurance to her fans that are going through heartbreak. Adele always finds a way to wrap heartbreak and sorrow into a song that goes through the roof. 

The words in her song reflect on what Adele is going through “I had good intentions and the highest hopes, but I know right now it probably doesn’t even show”. This gives the listeners the feeling of pity for Adele as it describes her feelings as defeated and disappointed. The words don’t just show feelings of sadness but self-acceptance. Even though her previous relationships didn’t work out doesn’t mean that she should change anything about herself.

Celebrities have been praising Adele’s new release just as much as her fans have with over 11.5 million people watching the video on Youtube in just seven hours. Celebrities such as Niall Horan and Lil Nas X have shared their thoughts on the new single. “It’s so crazy to think the last time Adele released new music I was sitting on stan Twitter. I feel like I’m 15 again”, says Niall Horan.

Adele narrates the pain she has gone through and the rebuilding of her home and her heart leaving a rating that claims a 10th week at No. 1 on the Hot 100 songs chart. This is a song that everyone can truly relate to.  

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