Tayto Park being Renamed

By Emma Hickey

Tayto Park will be renamed by the end of the year after cutting ties with Tayto Snacks following 12 years of partnership with the snack company.
Raymond Coyle, the founder of Tayto Park, said that the name change is due to a forthcoming expansion of the park.
“Now is the opportune time to rename the park to better reflect the exciting rides, attractions and zoo that are coming over the next few years,” he said in a statement.
“We now look forward to a new and exciting chapter for the park, with many new developments planned, including an investment of €30 million over the next two years.”
Mr Coyle thanked the management at Tayto Snacks for their partnership.
“It has been a very special partnership and we look forward to the year ahead and indeed continuing our journey and close relationship with Tayto Snacks,” he said.
John O’Connor, Managing Director of Tayto Snacks, said the company was proud of its successful involvement with Tayto Park, which has welcomed over five million visitors since opening in 2010.
“We extend our sincere thanks to the management and staff at the park for a very successful partnership over this past decade and look forward to further collaboration with them as we pursue new initiatives to support the ambitious plans we have in store for the Tayto brand in its next phase of growth,” he said.

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