Tayto Park spends 30 million on new rides

Sorcha Rose Mc Groarty

Tayto Park has spent 30 million euro on two new rides, the first of which will be built in February of 2022.
The pledge to build these coasters comes at the end of a 28-month long battle for planning permission by the owner of the park, Mr. Raymond Coyle.
Locals in the area fought against the planning permission for these rides as they were concerned about noise coming from the passengers, but Mr. Coyle has promised any noise will be drowned out.
“This is the largest single investment in our history,” Mr. Coyle said when speaking to the Irish Times. “We currently employ 420 people and not only will the new coasters add employment to the local economy, they are securing the future of the park.”
The plans for the ride were drafted by the Dutch company, Vekoma.
Vekoma are best known for their rides in the Disney parks, including the infamous rides Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain.
The coaster will be dinosaur themed and named “The Dino Coaster.”
It will consist of a 31-meter high and 748-meter-long suspended thrill coaster.
The second ride, also to be completed this year, will be a 24-meter high and 238-meter-long family boomerang ride.

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