Eir and Three 5G rolled out across 20 towns in Meath 

By Kashmeera Poona.

5G has come to several towns and villages in Meath including Navan, Dunboyne, Ashbourne, Trim and others across the area. Eir’s 5G network is currently reaching more than 70% of the population, offering speeds 10 times faster than 4G. The construction of Ireland’s biggest 5G network began in October 2019, and now customers in the Meath area can access superfast wireless speeds because of the 5G roll out.

“At eir our purpose is to connect for a better Ireland, and we do this by building world class communication infrastructure,” Eir CEO Carolan Lennon said. “Infrastructure which has become utterly essential to all parts of our lives as staying connected is more important now than ever. We are extremely proud of the rapid progress we have achieved in building Ireland’s largest, and best available 5G network in just under two years,” Lennon continued.

The roll out of 5G, benefits those requiring access for work to allow for smoother, faster Wi-Fi speeds across most of Meath . Eir’s 5G coverage is now in 322 towns and cities in all 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland. 

Eir’s 5G has been verified by Ookla, an internet performance analyser, “as having Ireland’s Best 5G Network Availability.” This supports those still currently working at home as many believe they are happier working at home due to not travelling for hours a day back and forth from an office.

Other small areas are still lacking 5G services in Meath and other rural parts of Ireland, but Eir have acknowledged this and are currently working on a plan for these areas.

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